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What is Managed Services?

Managed Services is a proactive IT maintenance service that addresses issues with IT equipment before a problem arises. Many Paragon IT Managed Services customers report that their systems continually perform at optimum levels. This consistency results in peace of mind. Less downtime means more productivity which can translate into an impressive return on a very cost-effective investment.

Key features and benefits of Paragon IT Managed Services include:

// Features

  • Site Assessment and Inventory
  • Proactive Service
  • Management and Status Reporting
  • Industry best practices
  • Automation and Reliability
  • Monitoring available 24/7
  • Antivirus Management
  • Web Security Management
  • Email Security Management
  • // Benefits

  • Better reliability
  • Enhanced security
  • More consistency
  • Boosted productivity
  • Increased performance
  • Improved cost management and control
  • How much do your services cost?

    The cost of our services depends on a number of factors including, but not limited to the:

  • services you require
  • complexity of your IT Infrastructure
  • number of users
  • amount of devices - such as servers, computers etc
  • All of our monthly support prices are fixed, and you’ll never receive an unexpected invoice containing hidden charges or for services that you didn’t know about, so once you’re on board with Paragon IT, you will always know what you’ll pay.

    How much is an initial consultation?
    // Free !

    We are more than happy to discuss your requirements in an initial consultation at no charge, with no obligation to sign on. It’s only fair – you need to be sure that we’re a good fit for you, and we need to be sure that we can deliver on your requirements.

    If you do sign on with us, we will then provide you with fixed-priced monthly costs depending on the services you require from us.

    What if we don’t know what we really need?

    You are not alone! Many businesses have the same question. We’re here to help.

    Technology moves fast, and you’re not expected to be fully across everything. That’s where Paragon IT comes in. We keep an eye on the latest products and services as they are developed and hit the market, whilst we keep another eye on your business and its requirements - both now and into the future. Then, if we identify a solution that you might benefit from, we will be in touch.

    Just because a product or service works for one client, it doesn’t mean it’s the right fit for you. So, if you require anything that we do not offer, we will reach out to our network to find the right partner. We can take care of the whole process for you.

    What’s your response time?

    Our response times are extremely fast. 87% of the time we will respond within 30min.

    When forming Paragon IT, we wanted to create a business that was focussed on technical support, not sales. We know the pain points when things aren’t working properly or at all!

    We have 100% customer retention rate which is very rare in the industry and that speaks volumes.

    Can you help with corporate applications?

    Yes! Most IT Support companies can provide assistance with IT infrastructure, but they lack the knowledge in application architecture. This is where Paragon IT is different to other MSPs.

    It is common for a vendor to restrict access to existing applications, which can affect the level of support that we can provide initially; however, we will communicate with them on your behalf - in tech language - to complete the required modification.

    We have an idea for an app that’s unlike anything else in the market, can you help?

    We can develop an application for your specific needs. We have an in-house application development team, dedicated to developing applications as per your requirements. It is best to speak with us for more information, as ideas and functionality does vary a fair bit.

    How I know my current IT provider is delivering what they claim to do?

    This is a common and very fair question. Unfortunately, many IT providers out there add fees and charges to invoices with the hope that people just pay, no questions asked.

    We encourage you to ask questions. Clarify what services are being provided, and make sure you understand each element. If you’re current IT provider tries to evade your questions, or tries to confuse you with technical jargon, it might be time to move away from them.

    We will be happy to arm you with information so you can better communicate with your current IT provider, and align what you’re currently paying with your requirement. We will also be up front and let you know if we can offer a better deal – we’d love to have you on board!

    Every day I hear about anther cyber-attack. How do I know our business network is secure?

    This is a very common and extremely important question. Cyber threats are at an all-time high, with each cyber attack more sophisticated than the last. Hundreds of businesses globally are targeted every 60 seconds, with that number expected to double in coming years.

    To address this very issue, we created a product: “Deep Dive”. Deep Dive allows us to scan every corner of your network for holes that would allow a criminal access. We will then notify you of any shortfalls, which you can then share with your current IT provider. If they are unable to remedy those security shortfalls, we will be happy to consult with them to achieve the required outcome.

    COVID-19 created a situation where a large number of employees were required to work from home. Most businesses did not have adequate security built into their networks in order to facilitate a remote workforce. VPN technology is no longer secure enough, as hackers use very sophisticated methods to gain access to networks. We offer series of products and solutions to help businesses overcome those challenges with remote workers. You can read more about our Remote Workplace product offering here.(underlined text = link to the page).